Face Facts

Published April 24, 2016 by jaxtrichs

So this week my hubby has been out of town. Like every other Trichsters, I usually keep my brows filled and eyeliner on. But this week I have walked around with a completely bare face. I have only been pull free for 5 weeks so no miraculous hair growth has occurred of course. It was good for me to look myself in the face for days at a time and realize what I’ve been doing to myself. It will take sometime to completely heal and grow the hair back on my brows and lashes and I accept that. My birthday is coming up in July and if I could have enough hair to get my eyebrows arched for the first time, that would be so awesome. It is something I have always wanted to do but never have the opportunity. Now I can make my makeup flawless and look like I just got them done. It’s so awkward when I even get compliments in them and people ask me where I get them done. But I’m ready for the real thing. I am certainly praying for my hair growth


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