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Published December 20, 2014 by jaxtrichs

For a few weeks now, picking has not even been a thought.  I think the first step that helped me was completely deciding that I no longer want this to be a part of my life.  My picking always came from very specific urges in very particular spots. I could never just pull eyelashes because I felt like it. There would always be a very specific one that would somehow grab my attention and drive me insane until it was gone.

I have joined a local support group and I must say that has helped me out as well.  A lot of the participants are parents trying to find a way to help their children and I find strength in being able to give some insight from a different perspective. As one young teen was in tears while sharing her story,  I had to share with her that I also can’t talk about this subject without tears. Im crying as I write this entry in fact. Lol. Even though I have been successful,  it is still a battle sporadically. 

One of my main goals for myself in my 1 Year No Trichs is to be able to get my eyebrows done for the first time ever. Beautiful brows can make or break a face some times. It’s true! When I use makeup to perfect my brows I feel so confident and beautiful.  But I’m ready to be able to just wake up, wash my face and go.  I honestly feel as though I am almost there.  The tricky thing with my brows is that the urge doesn’t last as long,  but just pulling 5 hairs really fast can leave a whole that takes months to refill. My left brow still has some of these spots and is just taking its sweet time growing in. But that is ok. I’m focused and   I have a goal.  I’m a very goal oriented person so I enjoy self challenges. 

I enjoy putting mascara on in the morning more than anyone would ever be able to understand.  My lashes have gotten so long and gorgeous and it really does inspire me to be better.  And I will!! Why?

I AM NOT A PICKER ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!