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Published August 28, 2014 by jaxtrichs

So the other day, my urges were so overwhelmingly strong that I could feel it coming 2 days before it hit. I was weak and I did pick a few of my lashes.  I was so disappointed and hurt.

In the world of Picking,  going almost 2 whole months is sometimes unheard of!!! It is such a crazy condition that I still don’t understand.  The good news is that I did get my control back and was able to not slip into doing it daily.  I was extremely bummed when my husband noticed.  I haven’t talked to him about my blog or support group because I wanted to surprise him with my progress,  but I really dropped the ball this time. But I am not a quitter.  I am not defined my my mistakes.  I commend myself for my strength and perseverance and I refuse to quit





Published August 20, 2014 by jaxtrichs

I am truly enjoying the new me that is not being dominated by a bad habit.  Last week,  I did have a set back but I did not let it overtake me. I did pick 3 eyelashes.  I was sad about it,  but I did have to remember that just a few months ago,  those 3 hairs would quickly and literally lead to hundreds.


Last week I went to a Hair Pulling and Skin Picking Support Group.  This was absolutely amazing to me. I’m not sure if anyone noticed,  but I was literally fighting tears the entire time.  If felt absolutely amazing to have a room full of people who actually understand the struggle of this disorder.  There was even a therapist hosting the group who provided lots of useful information and pointers. I was given a bottle of NAC vitamins.  I have read a lot about them and how it helps pickers. I also listened to the stories of others and how they feel it helps. I am saving mine for a day that is extremely hard for me before I try them. I keep them in my purse just in case.


I will certainly go back to the next meeting and look forward to receiving more information about this topic.


I am not a picker anymore!!!!!!!

Published August 5, 2014 by jaxtrichs

I must say that I am quite amazed with myself. I have been pull free for over 2 weeks!!! That is almost unheard of for myself.  I have no tricks that I have learned along the way so far. I have just been paying close attention.  I cannot wait until I can be able to say that I have gone an entire 30 days.

Its the little things that bring the most joy…





Mirror Mirror on The Wall

Published August 2, 2014 by jaxtrichs

I wash my face and look into the mirror… completely devastated at what I see. No I have not picked,  but I have to face myself and truly realize what I’ve  been doing to myself.  *draw on brows* That’s much better! Now I’m pretty again!!! I have to remind myself that this  is not okay.  I feel so grateful that I haven’t had any urges.  I know they will come 1 day soon, but for now I am strengthening my mental health for that dreadful day that I certainly do not look forward to.  At this point,  my biggest enemy is any moment of boredom around a mirror.  There are a few crazy looking eyebrows popping through that I would love to touch my tweezers with and I always remind myself that there is NEVER a such thing as “Just 1″….. like,  ever. Seriously It is Friday so technically I have gone yet another day with no picking ( GO ME!!!). Now it’s time to make it another 24 hrs without my old habit I am not a picker anymore!!!!!!!