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1 Step At a Time

Published October 20, 2014 by jaxtrichs

Sometimes we can be our own biggest downfall. In my previous post I mentioned that I would not share my urges because deep down I knew that I secretly desired the sensation that comes with picking. Well recently I conquered two battles and wanted to share them.

Last week I had a really huge urge in my lashes.  What helped me be strong was knowing that I had a really great weekend coming up and I absolutely did not want to spend my fun time worried about if anyone noticed gaps in my lashes or brows. Another huge urge was earlier this week.  I let my husband know where I could feel the urges coming so that he could check on me later. That night while I was even thinking about my battles anymore, he pulled me in close,  kissed both of my eyes and said Good Job. That was such a huge award in itself and a huge motivation for me.