Published March 24, 2016 by jaxtrichs

Retraining the brain is quite the difficult task. Teaching yourself that something that feels so right is actually so wrong is quite a challenging process. I am a lash and brow picker, but mainly lash. I cannot just shave them off to prevent myself from picking them, so my temptation is ALWAYS there. I’m so used to bringing my hands to my face all day that it’s strange to find something else to do with my hands. Also, when you get that sensation that a hair is ripe and ready to pick, EVERYTHING in your body is telling you to pick but you still have to fight against what seems so natural. Right now my left eye is literally SCREAMING at me. I try to avoid looking at it and touching it at all costs. Picking is like Pringles, you can never have just 1. So I try to keep my future self in mind knowing that I will be grateful tomorrow for being strong today. I will be super happy when I wake up in the morning and have fought through another day. But today is a challenge, I’ll be honest. But I am determined to win this small battle



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