Another Day, Another Power

Published March 28, 2016 by jaxtrichs

Waking up this morning knowing that I continue to fight my urges is so empowering. Strangely, it is also scary. In the back of my mind I wonder how long I can be this strong. I’ve never been able to keep this up before so what makes this time any different. But when I let these negative thoughts seep into my mind, all I can tell myself is live for today. No I don’t know what I’ll be faced with tomorrow or next week, but TODAY I choose power. Power over my life, my issues, my addiction, my happiness, and my joy. Today I am happy and grateful and I want to live in this moment.
Looking in the mirror I see the gaps in my lashes. Yes I can have a pity party over that but instead I embrace and celebrate the stubble of growth that I also see in those gaps.

It hasn’t been 2 full weeks yet, so I must be patient and just continue to appreciate each day for what it’s worth. And today….



4 comments on “Another Day, Another Power

  • Having the right mind set is definitely a great way to win this battle! You are on the right track! You know that you are stronger than your fears and your urges. Keep blogging and keep having a positive outlook on life… And be happy.. Even if it’s for the simplest of things or accomplishments… I know you know that you are stronger than what everybody thinks you are!


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