Published March 18, 2016 by jaxtrichs

Unlike Alcoholism or drug addiction, you have to physically go out and chase your next “hit”. Scrambling for money, finding a secret place to indulge in your habit, and sometimes you can even hide it. But with hair pulling…. it’s ALWAYS there. ALWAYS! Sometimes even looking at someone else’s lashes can send me into a strange desire to pick theirs or my own. Sometimes I think, if only I can trade my lashes for yours so that I could pick and no one would notice.

Every thought has one outcome. But not today. Today I fight. I am fighting to win daily battles in a never-ending war. I WILL overcome this. I do not want to spend another day with this annoying habit. I am struggling now, but I have my future self to think about. Tomorrow I want to be proud of who I was tonight



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