7 Weeks

Published May 6, 2016 by jaxtrichs

My endurance is weakening so I must blog about it. Though I haven’t picked, I do touch my brows and lashes way too much for comfort. I KNOW what’s next if I keep taunting myself

I need a new goal of some sort. Right now I just feel like I’m going as long as I can, but I need attainable goals to set for myself. Since I am focused on making it 1 full year of no picking, I’ll consider 3 months my 1st milestone. I started this blog on 3/17 and have not picked since then. So on June 17th I will reward myself with ice cream.
As a double challenge, I will let this be a fitness challenge as well, as I looooove ice cream but need to lose a few pounds

So cheers to me on my journey to 3 months as my 1st milestone to 1 year of no picking. Hooray!



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