Auto Immune

Published April 6, 2016 by jaxtrichs

I see so many theories on Trichotillomania and I’m honestly not sure what to believe it is. I personally have always thought it was an auto immune disease. I thought of this one day when someone asked me “If you don’t want to do it and no one is making you do it and no one is doing it to you…. then what makes you do it?” Lmbo! The question was hilarious to me because it really does sound silly to complain about picking your own eye lashes out of your own face. But heck, Idk! The obvious answer is Myself makes myself do it, so I guess it’s me attacking myself… which makes it an auto immune disease! Sure let’s go with that. Lol

The problem with that is it made me super lazy and accepting of the condition and I completely lost control because I was too focused on giving myself an excuse. Well whatever it is, it’s got to go

I always see people talk about their triggers but I honestly can’t single put any of mine. Some mornings I will wash my face and when I was my eyes I’ll feel a sore lash and that starts it. Sometimes 1 lash is curled downward incorrectly and that’ll start it. Sometimes, when I haven’t done it in a while, I’ll just touch my eye to see if I have any sore spots that need to be picked because I miss the feeling. It’s a very strange addiction I must say. The belief is that you can break any habit in 14 days. Pfft. If you are a picker you know that saying can be laughed at. Lol!

But whether it is a bad habit, an addiction, OCD, Auto immune, whatever you’d like to call it, I’m done with it. Good bye, Trich!



2 comments on “Auto Immune

  • I feel like I was the one who wrote this post as I was reading it. I do the same thing as you in the morning when I wash my face and inspect my lashes. I touch them in search of a sore spot to find that release. I can go 4 weeks, sometimes more barely pulling and then something inside me snaps and they start to disappear chunk by chunk. Hopefully writing about the experience will make you more aware and express your emotions so you don’t have to turn to pulling! Would’t that just be amazing?!

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    • Absolutely!!!! That is certainly the goal. I just want to do whatever it takes to quit and never look back. It’s sooooo hard but blogging seems to be working the best for me to hold myself accountable. Being able to connect with others with the same issue is helping me tremendously. Thanks for reading!!


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