Published August 28, 2014 by jaxtrichs

So the other day, my urges were so overwhelmingly strong that I could feel it coming 2 days before it hit. I was weak and I did pick a few of my lashes.  I was so disappointed and hurt.

In the world of Picking,  going almost 2 whole months is sometimes unheard of!!! It is such a crazy condition that I still don’t understand.  The good news is that I did get my control back and was able to not slip into doing it daily.  I was extremely bummed when my husband noticed.  I haven’t talked to him about my blog or support group because I wanted to surprise him with my progress,  but I really dropped the ball this time. But I am not a quitter.  I am not defined my my mistakes.  I commend myself for my strength and perseverance and I refuse to quit




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  • You stopped pulling and you continued working towards your recovery, that is the key. A few bumps in the road are to be expected, but it’s how you handle them that matter. You are doing amazing. Keep your head up and be proud of your outstanding work. Don’t let a few lashes overshadow 2 months–TWO MONTHS!! Keep it up, I’m cheering for you 🙂

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  • You are an inspiration. I have struggled with this since I was around 14. There are days I feel like I just need to shave my head and forget about it. Today was one of those days, so I looked up “success” and found you! How about that?

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