Published August 20, 2014 by jaxtrichs

I am truly enjoying the new me that is not being dominated by a bad habit.  Last week,  I did have a set back but I did not let it overtake me. I did pick 3 eyelashes.  I was sad about it,  but I did have to remember that just a few months ago,  those 3 hairs would quickly and literally lead to hundreds.


Last week I went to a Hair Pulling and Skin Picking Support Group.  This was absolutely amazing to me. I’m not sure if anyone noticed,  but I was literally fighting tears the entire time.  If felt absolutely amazing to have a room full of people who actually understand the struggle of this disorder.  There was even a therapist hosting the group who provided lots of useful information and pointers. I was given a bottle of NAC vitamins.  I have read a lot about them and how it helps pickers. I also listened to the stories of others and how they feel it helps. I am saving mine for a day that is extremely hard for me before I try them. I keep them in my purse just in case.


I will certainly go back to the next meeting and look forward to receiving more information about this topic.


I am not a picker anymore!!!!!!!


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