Mirror Mirror on The Wall

Published August 2, 2014 by jaxtrichs

I wash my face and look into the mirror… completely devastated at what I see. No I have not picked,  but I have to face myself and truly realize what I’ve  been doing to myself.  *draw on brows* That’s much better! Now I’m pretty again!!! I have to remind myself that this  is not okay.  I feel so grateful that I haven’t had any urges.  I know they will come 1 day soon, but for now I am strengthening my mental health for that dreadful day that I certainly do not look forward to.  At this point,  my biggest enemy is any moment of boredom around a mirror.  There are a few crazy looking eyebrows popping through that I would love to touch my tweezers with and I always remind myself that there is NEVER a such thing as “Just 1″….. like,  ever. Seriously It is Friday so technically I have gone yet another day with no picking ( GO ME!!!). Now it’s time to make it another 24 hrs without my old habit I am not a picker anymore!!!!!!!


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