Published July 29, 2014 by jaxtrichs

I always laugh when someone eats right and exercises for 1 whole week and expect to see a sudden change.  I ask them “How long did it take you to get all of that weight?  So how long do you think it will take to get rid of it?”.

This is the very reason why I try to document my feelings on my weakness.  Over the years I have put an overabundance of energy into my picking habit, so it is imperative that I expend just as much energy to quit. It is so exhausting.  Why does something so stupid have to be so hard.  Why do I have to be the person who is addicted to pulling out my own lashes and brows. It feels so unfair sometimes.  It’s not ok. I know I’m beautiful and want to be as beautiful as I can.  My husband once asked me, “If you don’t want to do it and no one is making you do it, then why do you do it?”.


I have no frikkin idea.  Its just something that I have failed to conquer.  I do not want this to have control of me forever,  but I know that it can only stop with my own willpower.  So far I have been tempted at least a few times every single day,  but nothing too outrageous.  I’m standing strong.


I am not a picker anymore!!!!!


One comment on “Dedication

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    I just started thinking about trich like this. I have spent so much time and energy pulling. Now I need to spend as much time and energy focused on my recovery if I expect long term results. This is no fad diet-I want the weight to stay off so to speak…


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